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Kadidiatou Yonli, Founder

Faced with the environmental challenges with which Burkina Faso is confronted, the political will to face them has been constant and initiatives, both on the part of the public authorities and of civil society, have been numerous.

However, in a developing country where emergencies compete, the problems all arise with the same acuteness and the priority choices made in the resolution of some cannot overshadow or inhibit the search for equally urgent solutions for others. .

Despite these undeniable efforts, our environment   is increasingly threatened by ecologically   irrational methods and practices to which the majority of our populations resort out of necessity to ensure their survival.

This brings us to the conclusion that the interaction between the degradation of the environment and the persistence of patterns of production and consumption, wasting resources and generating pollution, has become today, more than yesterday, a problem posed and to solve.

The urgent task incumbent on all actors is, therefore, to work together so that the globalization process  is oriented in the direction of genuine sustainable development. Each of us, by the smallest attention, can contribute to the safeguarding  of our "  living space ".

Let's engage !

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