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The Nature & Vie Foundation is a Burkinabè organization working to promote actions for the conservation, preservation and restoration of natural resources in order to stimulate a new dynamism in terms of sustainable development in Burkina Faso.

  For this, it has the following specific objectives:

  • Identify the relevant links that exist between poverty and the environment and propose measures likely to reduce poverty without damaging the environment;

  • Advocate to promote a spirit of active participation and research for environmental management;

  • Promote environmental education  in order to promote a change in the behavior of populations with regard to respect for the environment;

  • To act for the improvement of the living environment of the populations.




Anchored on the objectives of sustainable development, Nature et Vie favors in the conduct of its actions and the pursuit of its objectives a systemic approach integrating participation and interdisciplinarity. While having a global vision of environmental management, it is involved in involving all disciplines in an interactive way and in promoting ecological know-how as well as the empowerment of the various actors, in particular, the populations.

Through its intervention strategy, it works to maintain or seek on the one hand the stability of ecological balances and on the other hand to promote clean development through the promotion of organic and ecologically sound agro-sylvo-pastoral exploitation. sustainable.

The intervention of the Foundation, which ultimately targets the entire national territory, is done gradually and according to the material, human and financial resources at its disposal, for more effective action. But beyond national coverage, she is willing to share her experience regionally and internationally.

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